Warranty Claim

  • First Year Warranty:
    The warranty applies for one year from data of start-up or 18 months from date of original Forest invoice (Whichever is earlier) to all parts and components found to have manufacturing defects in our products except refrigerant, air filters, which are not included in any part of this warranty
  • Compressor Protection Plan:
    The warranty applies for five years from data of original Forest invoice to original factory installed compressor/s. No warranty will be given on replaced compressors.
  • General Conditions:
    This warranty does not cover the cost of labor for service calls, nor does it include the cost of labor for replacing defective parts or components. This warranty does not apply if the products or any part thereof has been subject to misuse, abuse, neglect, accident, alteration, used in a corrosive atmosphere or not maintained regularly under supervision of qualified technicians in accordance with Forest standard procedures. This warranty applies only to products installed with the boundaries of the State of Kuwait. This warranty will only be valid on producing copy of Forest Invoice.